Okinawa or bust

Almost 12 years ago I visited Okinawa for the first time and it was there that God started building a special love for the Japanese people in my heart. It was there that Hannah and I met for the first time and through going to Okinawa my Japanese adventure started. So I guess I am trying to say that Okinawa is a really special place to me.

The photo below is one that I took with Hannah the second time we met after I moved to Japan as a missionary.

Hannah and I at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - 2005
Hannah and I at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium – 2005

Fast forward a bit, we got to visit Okinawa once right after getting married and then once more when Ezekiel was about 2 but have not been back since. But this spring we have been blessed with the chance to visit Okinawa as a family (and mission team).

We will soon be taking a week off to do two things, get some much-needed rest and family time and spend time with the Encompass Nihon mission team that we are part of. It’s really amazing how it all worked out, the Encompass Nihon mission retreat had been planned since last year and we had originally planned to go and had started to save up for the trip but as spring approached we realised that we were only able to save up about 25% of the total needed. So we had to announce that we could not go. About two weeks after that we got a message from the team leader saying he was going to help us get there. A few days later we got word that some extra support was raised and that we could go. All that to say, we are really thankful for everyone’s prayers and support and so excited to be able to take our boys on an adventure to  Okinawa.

Hannah and Ezekiel playing at the beach in Okinawa – 2009


Please pray for

  • Safe travels to and from Okinawa
  • Fun times as a family
  • Meaningful fellowship with the Encompass Nihon team
  • Time to connect with the Norikura team
  • Clarity about the future direction for the ministry work here in Norikura



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