Lunch at Hakoniwa Shokudo (ハコニワ食堂)

Yesterday we went for a little family date to our friends restaurant called Hakoniwa Shokudo in Kita Karuizawa. Hannah’s friends Miku is from Okinawa and and last year her and her husband moved to Kita Karuizawa to start their own restaurant.

Its located a little outside the main area of Karuizawa but not hard to get to and well worth the drive. You can find it on the map below. They have a nice menu and they are kid friendly which was good for us.

Hakoniwa Shokudo Sign/Logo
Kazuki and Miku

Hannah met Miku when she was living in Okinawa and use to visit a soba restaurant called “Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” (海が見えるそば家) that Miku’s parents run. The last time we visited Okinawa we went out to eat there and it was so good. We are planning to go eat there next week when we are there.

Interior Decor


Chicken Steak (鶏肉ステーキ)



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